Chander and I are both foodies and love / live to eat 🙂

We like taking recommendations from the locals and also rely on trip advisor and Yelp for reviews. The seafood in Malaga is excellent, very tender and juicy.

Had Clams and Malaga shrimp at Doramar. Forgot to take camera, no pictures.

Lunch at Garvm was squid ink croquettes, Mediterrian spiced tuna and couscous and grilled Octopus. Highly recommend.

Dinner was at Amigos which was labelled as a Mexican Indian restaurant which made me think it was fusion cuisine but it had separate Mexican and Indian menus. Nevertheless the food was ok, not worth the 4.5 stars it received.

One of the ays we ate at this Italian place called Mura Mura. It was unique in many ways. The menu was a hand written book with pictures and the bill was written on a slate along with a special thank you note. We ate the Octopus, Burrata and Beef filled Tortellini here. Everything was flavorful.

The salt content in the food everywhere in Spain is pretty high for my taste. My palette is used to very little salt so it is hard for me to each much here.