Spent the final few hours in Valencia touring the bullfighting ring which I liked better than the one in Seville. The exterior architecture reminded me of the Roman colosseum.

Also visited the parliament house. The entry way reminded me of the old wing of Chicago’s Art Institute. Rooms were adorned with beautifully carved ceilings and chandeliers.

Got these two final postcard shots before heading to lunch.

Chander made reservations at Navarro which was this hyped up paella place. They are always booked day and night and have 4.5 stars from over thousand people on trip advisor. We ordered a shrimp appetizer and the shrimp was not deveined and was cooked like rubber. I refused to eat it. Chander as nice he is used his hands to remove the shrimp poop and ate the shrimp. The paella was overly salty and rice was undercooked. I didn’t eat it. McDonalds and TacoBell would have been better choices.

Chander forgot to wash his hands after deveining the shrimp and accidentally put his hand in his mouth. That was it. He is sick now with fever and bad throat. Its the worst getting sick while on vacation. In the past 24 hours he has eaten more medication than food.