Today was a rainy day in Barcelona. We had 9am entry tickets to Sagrada Familia so had no option but to step out in the rainy weather. Our hotel gave us umbrellas and we took the train to the site.

Sagrada Familia is a temple / basilica designed by Antoni Gaudi. Construction of the monument started in 1882 and faced some interruptions. It was half way complete in 2010. Estimated completion is in 2026.

The site is right outside the Sagrada Familia train station. When you step out of the station the gigantic monument hits you in the face and you go “Holy Wow !!!”.

Buy tickets in advance to avoid long lines. When you enter through the doors your jaw is guaranteed to drop. The immensity of the monument is hard to capture in words or in pictures. No words / picture can do justice to what your eyes will see.

I stood inside with my mouth wide open and just looked in awe. The room had gigantic pillars, intricate carvings and stained glass designs. It took me a while before I lifted my camera to take pictures.

Two of the three planned facades have been built. Each facade is dedicated to a period in history. The Nativity facade (dedicated to the birth of Jesus) and Passion facades (dedicated to the crucification of Jesus) are complete and the Glory facade (dedicated to ascension to God) is under construction. We had tickets to the Tower of Passion but the tower was closed because of the weather.