Today was the last day in Barcelona and the last day of our vacation. We spent the last evening at Plaza de España, a plaza in the center of the city. It is a major intersection of important roads. Right at the center of the intersection is a  fountain with ornamental decoration.

There is also a bull fighting stadium which has been converted to Las Arenas commercial center. You can go up to the top and get 360 panoramic view of the city.


One of the major architectural attractions there is the Museum of Catalan art. Its a beautiful building overlooking fountains and waterfalls. You can go up to the terrace of the building and watch the sunset and view of the city. Behind the museum is a botanic garden and olympic stadiums all of which make it a great evening exploration walk.

The most popular attraction of the area is the Magic Fountain which offers a free light and music show. The show is offered only on certain nights and we were lucky to be there on the night of the show. The show is just amazing. Crowds start to gather from 6pm for a 9pm show. I must have taken at least 100 photos and several videos of the fountain. Its just not enough.

Speaking of fountains here is a collection of all the fountains I saw in Barcelona.

Was amazing to take pictures during blue hour at the plaza.

Back home tomorrow !!! Adios !!!